Meeting all your subsea cabling installation needs

Project Management

Unparalleled Dedication to Service

Optic Marine makes it a priority to deliver by an exceptional track record. The project managers have the resources and experience to manage projects from the conceptual development to cable installation and reporting stage.

Their scope of work ranges from marine surveys, plan of works, scope of works, contract negotiations and costing, permitting applications, repair and maintenance works, cable inspections, vessels mobilization and demobilization, operational security and much more.

Optic Marine places great importance on knowledgeable project management methods which have been proven through many successful projects in the Asian region. The experienced team is able to provide cost-effective and quality consultation services which include planning and scope of work consultancy, cable inspections, operational security, contract negotiations and costing, repair and maintenance works and client representation.


Permissions Across Borders

With experience in representing major telecommunication groups from various countries, Optic Marine has substantial experience in the application of governmental and local authority permits for numerous projects across Asia Pacific, Russia, India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Their international expertise extends to local government and operation permits, territorial, occupancy and local permission, marine agency, fishing trap clearance, transmit permit applications and  permit feasibility studies.

Optic Marine believes that the development of sustainable working relationships and networks with relevant business partners are key in acquiring the right permits within project timelines. Our years of exposure in the industry provides the foundation to our success in this area.  

Marine & Land Surveys

Planning Ahead and Being Prepared

Optic Marine prioritises planning and studies of relevant information prior to cable landing works.

Before the installation barge is mobilised, surveys are conducted at the installation site. The trained professionals at Optic Marine study the site access, weather, sea conditions, tidal range, local support, existing utilities detection and other relevant information so that suitable and adequate resources are allocated to carry out during the installation operation.

Universal Jointing

Speed and Accuracy

Our team of dedicated Universal Jointers are fully trained and certified in Universal Jointing and are at the ready to serve our clients to meet the needs of every project. The experience and knowledge of our team provide our clients with the assurance of well-executed cable jointing precision and efficiency.

The installation of a sub-duct and cable are installed based on survey data results.  Testing of cable allow for quality before and after installation.

Safety measurements are essential in the installation process so in the absence of readily available ductings or manholes, the surveys conducted can pinpoint appropriate locations for new duct routes.

Equipped with a team of UJ Certified jointers, our team is able to provide fiber optic cable splicing and pulling, cable jointing and pulling, HDPE sub-duct installation, land plant termination and land plant testing and commissioning. For most repeatered submarine cable systems requiring PFE ocean ground bed, Optic Marine has the capability to install the earth electrode up to 10m depth underground.

Cable Transfer

Efficiency is Not A Game

To make work more manageable and efficient for both parties, Optic Marine provides cable transfer and logistic solutions to ship cables from either a factory or a cable depot to the site or installation vessels. The services include planning and coordination, temporary cable storage, freighter and barge chartering and supplies for cable transfers.

Outside Plant Construction

Working to Create More

To make life easier and work manageable for both sides, the civil engineering side works on services that includes duct, manhole and cable station construction. The technical professionals part of projects are capable to build a cable station with limited land area and be able include numerous facilities such as a cable station, space for future expansion, security systems, fire suppression systems and an interrupted power supply.

Logistics & Ship Agency

Moving and Transporting Across Borders

Due to time and cost being extremely critical, the Optic Marine logistics team is dedicated to ensure all items are taken care of and delivered efficiently. With their integrated, wide-ranging network and exposure in the industry, they are unsurpassed in tackling every logistic requirement possible.

Even if a project is highly demanding, when it comes to shipment, the capable logistics team will provide safe and timely deliveries worldwide for cargo. Our logistics team knows custom formalities and employs a just-in-time method in delivery and they make detailed calculations in ensuring to meet required timeframes.

The services include duty and tax compilation, duty and tax consultation for each country, custom clearance, warehouse storage and handling, transportation, packaging, equipment positioning, manpower and equipment supply services, temporary importation of installation vessels, government agency liaison and import/export permitting.

To complement service offerings even further, Optic Marine also provides marine agency services. It includes repairs, surveys, crew changes, spares delivery, cargo transhipment, vessel clearance and permitting.



> Articulated Pipes

Protecting Valuable Data

Optic Marine commits to provide reliable and quality outcomes for clients. To do so, we supply their own articulated pipes for cable protection on shores or beaches. The pipes are highly durable and adhere to international standards. These pipes are designed in-house and are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and durability.

The company also designs and manufactures them to different sizes of articulated pipes to suit various cable sizes with minimum bending radius requirements.  

> Beach Manholes

Work on The Shores

Optic Marine also supplies beach manhole cable anchoring plates for marine cable termination. The anchoring plate used is made from the highest quality of stainless steel material to withstand the tenacious seawater environment.