Building cable systems using innovative engineering resources

Submarine Cable System Installation

Subsea Deep Waters Cable Installation

Despite being in a time-sensitive industry, Optic Marine delivers – thanks to a reliable team of key technical specialists and experienced project managers who manage our vessel, tools and resources. Our subsea cable laying vessel, the CS Ile De Re performs deep sea cable installation cable remedial projects and is equipped with burial tool SMD Gamma Type MD-3, its own ROV and UJ Jointing kits.

Optic Marine has been involved in multiple subsea cable laying projects in Asia Pacific and have worked alongside global telecommunications corporations and government offices from various countries around the world.  

Quality and reliability is a foundation the company runs on. Proper tools, equipment and vessels are used for maintenance and remedial works for both shallow and deep waters whilst consultation on route planning and design make way for a quick and smooth installation. Optic Marine also covers matters on security by providing guard boats and security services to guard unburied items, unauthorised anchoring and restriction of fishing and trawling activities within close proximity.  

Submarine Cable System Maintenance & Repair

Subsea cable Maintenance

Remedial works require fast and accurate diagnostics and mobilisation. With the availability of our own barges, vessels and equipment, we are sufficiently adaptive in mobilising our resources to meet your remedial needs. Our team is fully equipped with the knowledge of remedial works and minimising time lapses in getting the job done accurately and efficiently.

“The quality of our works speaks for itself when countries get connected.”