Who We Are

About Optic Marine Group

Total and Integrated Solutions’ Provider

Optic Marine provides total and integrated solutions for subsea cable installation and maintenance projects. The services we provide range from project management and consultancy, permits acquisition, marine agency and logistics consultancy, cable transfers, cable landing, land plant and outside plant construction.

We are equipped with our own subsea cable installation vessel CS Ill de Re which is fully equipped with dynamic positioning, navigational and burial tools to meet the needs of each cable laying project. Our shore end cable lay barges and anchor handling tugs have been specifically engineered and designed to operate in shallow waters. We continue to prove our performance excellence through our exceptional track record with consistency, accuracy and cost-effective techniques perfected through years of experience in the submarine cable industry.

The Management Team

The Steer, The Engine and The Anchor

The team consists of fully experienced and dedicated personnel who have the right knowledge in the submarine cable industry. Even though Optic Marine has a proven track record of 30 years, the company still strives to continuously grow with the technological advancements of the industry to deliver the absolute best.

International Accreditation

Committed to quality improvement

After years of perseverance in the industry, Optic Marine has continued to grow in areas of quality and continuous improvement.

“It is our commitment to keep abreast and exercise quality improvement efforts while improving our management system. We emphasise on providing the most cost effective solution without compromising quality”

The vessels and equipment used, vessel, cable lay barge, burial tools and equipment, as well as cable jointing and testing equipment, are vigorously maintained according to ISO quality procedures. As part of our commitment to quality we strive to improve resources and ensure they meet international standards to enhance project results.

In an industry where mistakes are costly, the company goes beyond and works hard to ensure proper project planning and implementation are in place while taking into consideration all related environmental risks that may be present